Piece of Paris
Mezlyakovsky street, apartments in Moscow
Experience the remarkable transformation of a 140 m2 apartment, expertly designed by Elena Drobotova, for a fascinating couple—a successful athlete and an art enthusiast. Despite its high ceilings, nine beautiful windows, and a bay window, the apartment suffered from an inconvenient layout, prompting a complete redesign. With no historical details preserved, the renovation process offered a clean slate but lacked character. To remedy this, Elena enlisted sculptor Igor Moshkin to create bespoke plaster decor, including stunning gypsum cornices highlighted with subtle color accents. The furniture, echoing the architectural design, seamlessly combines items from various eras, ranging from Italian designer pieces to European antiques. This harmonious fusion creates an apartment that is contemporary yet brimming with a living history. Step into this captivating space where old meets new, and be enchanted by its timeless elegance and the spirit of the present.