Young Stones

Hotel in the Moscow region Leningradskoe highway, 2021
This captivating hotel suite, nestled within an educational center, showcases a skillful fusion of vibrant colors and contrasting accents. Led by the talented Elena Drobotova, the visionary team achieved a captivating result while staying within a modest budget. Targeting a youthful audience, the energizing orange base harmoniously complements olive-toned accents. The designer selected a pattern from the manufacturer's catalog but customized it with a unique "signature" color palette. Built-in furniture and a spacious headboard were designed based on Elena's sketches. These elements not only reduced furnishing costs but also saved space in the room. As a result, within a 20 m2 area, apart from the essential bed and bathroom, ample space was created for a large wardrobe, a serving area for hot beverages, and a complete workstation. This accommodation is particularly well-suited for the hotel's main clientele - students who require a dedicated area for studying.