French Cream

Home in Cannes, France, 2012
Elena Drobotova won the opportunity to bring this project to life through a competition, competing with architectural studios from Switzerland and France. The three-bedroom house, along with a guest studio on the basement level, awaited its finishing touches, allowing the designer to define spatial divisions, choose a color palette, and furnish the space. Additionally, Elena designed and constructed a charming poolside cottage. All of this was accomplished in a remarkable six months.

During the initial meeting, the client presented an album featuring interiors by Kelly Hoppen, which set the stylistic tone for the interior.. Several items, including an onyx tabletop on a metallic base, were custom-made based on the designer's sketches.
The airy and bright interior resembles an art gallery, a deliberate choice as the walls are adorned with paintings and photographs from the owners' personal collection. In some rooms, these artworks serve as the foundation for the overall design concept.